Email Marketing

In Touch

Communicate with your customers through informative and appealing campaigns

One of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your clients whilst they’re not in your store or visiting your website is sending them regular updates, straight into
their inbox.

Whether you want to send newsletters, promotions or simply showcase your new range of products, we create attractive bespoke and branded templates to communicate with your customers on.

Saving Time and Money

E-mail marketing is both cost and time efficient

With the innovative features of our email marketing system, we can reach thousands of your customers in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, these efficient tools mean that email marketing only costs a very small percentage of what traditional methods would.

Delivering and Tracking Results

Gain helpful insights into your email marketing campaign

Our SEO team conduct exhaustive keyword research, aided by innovative programmes and search tools, in order to achieve improved visibility of our clients’ businesses.

E-mail marketing has a proven track record of delivering results and is one of the most successful forms of marketing in regards to ROI.

Whether you want to drive traffic into your store, get customers to buy something on your website or all of the above, e-mail marketing is a must in any marketing plan.

Through innovative technologies we are able to track open and click-through rates to enable us to create the most successful campaign for your business.