Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Higher search engine rankings equate to better traffic

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website within search engine results.

SEO allows you to introduce your company at the exact point a customer needs you. Unlike other forms of marketing you know that a potential customer is looking for the services or product that your business offers.

Effective back and front-end website processes are carried out to ensure that your business organically climbs up Google’s extensive list of search results.

SEO doesn’t happen over night and even once you’ve reached the highest rankings, work still needs to be on going to keep you there.

Site Health Check

Google favours sites with higher health scores

We always conduct a full site audit to find out how strong your links are; if there are any broken links or errors on your site; if there are duplicated title tags or content. The list goes on.

Following this, we spend time resolving issues and formulating a strong SEO strategy based on solid data.

Using the very latest analytical tools and technologies, we know exactly how well your website is ranking, how many visitors it’s getting and the behaviours of
your customer.

This gives us the ammunition to target the SEO in order to deliver you definite results.

Content, Keywords and Links

SEO is more than dotting keywords around your site

We strategically position relevant keywords within your site to
improve rankings.

Our SEO team conduct exhaustive keyword research, aided by innovative programmes and search tools, in order to achieve improved visibility of our
clients’ businesses.

Content should always be written with the audience in mind. However, all content needs to be optimised in line with current keyword targeting.

Backlinks to your site are equally as important. We identify links used by your competitors to ensure we are staying on top of the power links, which will help to move your site up the rankings.